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01 July 2007 @ 02:47 pm
couple of questions  
hey everyone- after many of months of research and educating myself about the raw lifestyle, i have decided to commit myself to becoming 100% raw.

if anyone can help me out with a few questions, i would appreciate it more than you know..

1. birth control..i don't really want to start taking birth control for reasons such as the fact that the idea is unnatural to me and i don't want to lower my libido, however if i do plan on taking birth control, would it be a bad idea if i want to be 100% raw?

2. supplements...should i continue taking my vitamins and supplements? i take biotin, fish oil, MSM, silica, sage, damiana leaves..

3. i'm sure that detox period varies for individuals..but have any of you had a rather long detox period?

THANK YOU in advance